Nikia K. Vaughan is a wife,mother and community advocate.

NKVSKIN was originally created to help aid in additional household income to help pay for tuition for Nikia's daughter who was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at 6 weeks old.

Nikia has always been passionate about skin with creating DIY products for herself. When her friends and family would ask her how she kept her skin looking so healthy after 40, Nikia would offer create oils and butters for them to try.

After giving them away, a friend offered to pay for one of her balms. Nikia thought that this could be a perfect segway to create additional income.

Nikia wouldn't take this task lightly and decided that if this was something she was going to do, then do it properly.

Nikia became certified in natural skin care and took the proper steps in building her skincare business.

In 2018, NKVSKIN was officially launched with her first retail product Rise & Shine facial oil. In amazement her first product sold out in 2 days.

With further research and learning about skin and her customers, Nikia developed a whole line of skin care products to treat and heal an array of skin care concerns.

Nikia was then asked by her clients could she develop a line for men. After testing with her husband and close associates, NKVMEN was born. Nikia realized that men also needed not only beard care, but actual skin care as well.

In just two years, NKSKIN and NKVMEN has fruitioned into a profound and effective skin care line with her clients skin glowing, healing and getting and staying healthy.

Nikia is proud of her products that she hand crafts personally in every batch.

NKVSKIN is proud to give back to the community as a portion of NKVSKIN sales benefits the Sickle Cell Community.

" I believe that God gives us purpose and with that purpose, you are to build, teach and grow." ~ Nikia K. Vaughan